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Today WE MAKE MOVIES participated in the NORDIC UAS EVENT 2016 in Odense – both to promote our business, but also to test new technology.

It’s been an exciting day, which has given us lots of insight and inspiration for our productions. 

Nordic UAS Event is the largest Unmanned Aircraft Systems expo, conference and demo in Northern Europe gathering end-users and industry specialists from the Nordic countries and around the world. We have used the day talking with interesting people about the future use of drone in film production, and it has been very inspiring to explore the new technology in this field. 

WE MAKE MOVIES has been using drone in our productions a few years now – if you are curious how…please take a look at some of our drone creations right here.

                    UAS event_3UAS event_2UAS event_1

Idag deltog WE MAKE MOVIES i NORDIC UAS EVENT 2016 i Odense.

Det har været en spændende dag, hvor vi har fået masser af ny indsigt og inspiration til vores drone produktioner.
Vi har brugt droner i vores produktioner de sidste par år. Hvis du er interesseret i at se hvordan, så tag et kig på vores droneproduktioner her.