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tailors high quality videos
to meet your specific

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Aerial Production

With the newest drone technology WE MAKE MOVIES is able to shoot dynamic and high quality videos and save production costs at the same time.

There’s endless creative possibilities in aerial production and we are ready to deliver flawless shots.

We believe that only the best is good enough. Therefore we have invested in highly sophisticated equipment that enables safe and reliable operations.

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Video Production

WE MAKE MOVIES have many years of experience with producing video content for all platforms.

Our highly skilled team can create content for commercials, corporate videos or integrated projects.

What ever your need is WE MAKE MOVIES delivers – from ideas and shooting to post production.

We develop versioning, adaptions and mastering without compromising on quality and graphic standards.

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As a part of the agency WEBOOST, WE MAKE MOVIES can lift a wide range of content projects with a strategic approach.

Our goal is to develop and execute relevant solutions – We believe that results of the specific task must match the customers objectives and investment.

We follow a project from start to finish and ensure the best solution for our client.

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Big ideas is more than just thin air. They come from in depth research, knowhow and talented people working together to not only meet the clients goals, but exceed them.

At WE MAKE MOVIES we believe that the right knowledge creates strategic creativity that moves people, attitudes and products.

WE MAKE MOVIES have a wide experience in conceptual development, strategic planning, advertising campaigns and media consultancy.

We have experience in creating concepts than can be executed across all digital platforms  available on the market and where the target group are.

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WE MAKE MOVIES offers a wide range of usage and analytics data to help you get a clearer understanding of your target audience engagements to your marketing content.

We treat videos as campaigns which means we measure and tracks your audience engagement and attention to the content.

Testing your video marketing strengthen your knowledge to your target group and empowers you to make better decisions about how to master your marketing strategy.